2016 Battle of the Buns Schedule

800 – 830                            Registration

830 – 835                            National Anthem

835 – 855                            Athlete Brief

900 – 1030                          Event 1

1030 – 1230                        Event 2

1230 – 1300                        Lunch/Reshuffle for Events 3 & 4

1300 – 1400                        Event 3

1400 – 1500                        Event 4

1500 – 1510                        Event 5 Reshuffle

1510 – 1610                        Event 5

1615 – 1630                        Awards


Event 4
6 Min AMRAP (Synchronized)
Squat Clean (85/135)
Burpee Over the Bar
1 min reset
2:00 max HSPU
*score is total reps
Programming by Pursuit Athletics


Event 3
For time, relay style male then female
50 Cals Assault Bike
20 Sandbag Over Shoulder (100)
10 Bar Muscle up
*4 min cap
At the 4:00 mark females start
40 Cals Assault Bike
20 Sandbag Over Shoulder (70)
10 Bar Muscle up
*4 min cap
*scored separately, male time then female time
*tie break will be at completion of sandbag over shoulder
*any reps not completed will be counted as seconds
Programming by Pursuit Athletics


Event 2
For time
Male: 50 Wallball (20#)
Female: 50 Box Over(20″)
Both: 20 synchro T2B
Female: 50 Wallball (14#)
Male: 50 Box Over (24″)
Both: 20 synchro C2B
Male: 50 Power Snatch (75#)
Female: 150 Double Unders
Both: 20 synchro T2B
Female: 50 Power Snatch (45# men’s bar)
Male: 150 Double Unders
Both: 20 synchro C2B
*20 Min time cap (any reps not completed count as seconds)
*Both athletes are working at the same time and will meet at rig for synchro work
Programming by Pursuit Athletics


Event 1
12 Min Clock
Female will find 1RM OHS and with remaining time Male will have 1 attempt at max effort thrusters using the same weight
Male will find 1RM Snatch and with remaining time Female will have 1 attempt at max effort deadlifts using the same weight
*a female bar will be used for OHS/Thrusters and a male bar will be used for Snatch/Deadlifts
*all movements will come from the ground
*rest during max efforts will be at the top of the thruster or top of the deadlift
Score 1 – 1RM OHS
Score 2 – weight x reps of male thruster
Score 3 – 1RM Snatch
Score 4 – weight x reps of female deadlift
Programming by Pursuit Athletics

Registration Info for Battle of the Buns

CrossFit 719 is the premier CrossFit gym in Southern Colorado and host of the 2016 Battle of the Buns presented by SW Throwdown. This is the 4th year for CrossFit 719 running successful fitness competitions and this year is looking to be the best yet! We have national and local sponsors on board to make sure all athletes and spectators leave with something!!

Now to the nitty gritty details…

50 Team spots available for anyone who wants to test their fitness against some of their fellow exercisers in a competition guaranteed to be full of fun with all judges having a CF LVL1 certification or better. This competition will be programmed by Pursuit Athletics so be ready!! A good standard outside of the possible weights and movements released is if you completed all WODs from the 2016 CrossFit Open you will be able to compete in this event without modification. This event will have a total of 5 events for teams registered.

We will opening registration on September 23rd at 8am promptly so be ready to grab a spot! A couple of notes before you click to register –

  • Cancellation Policy – If you cannot make the competition you are able to transfer or sell your spot ONLY.  Email info@swthrowdown.com with the new athlete’s name and email. Also, for anyone wishing to transfer or sell spots please use the Colorado CrossFit Affiliate Events Page on Facebook as that will be the best place to find replacements.
  • When registering please make sure to use chrome as your web browser as other browsers may cause errors. Also, please register from a computer as mobile is not a guarantee just yet.

As always, tell all your friends and family to come out and support as we will have plenty of vendors, community events and tent city. Looking forward to having some fun in the sun (weather permitting) and a good old school throwdown!

Possible Weights/Movements for Battle of the Buns

MOVEMENT female weight male weight
Deadlift 175 275
Back Squat 155 225
Front Squat 110 165
Overhead squat 95 135
Clean 110 165
Jerk 110 165
Snatch 95 135
SDHP 75 115
Wallball 14 20
Kettlebell 44 70
Slam Ball 35 50
Other movements
Odd objects yes
Pullups chest to bar
Muscle ups *see notes
Handstand Push-ups *see notes
Toes to Bar yes
Odd objects yes
Rope Climbs yes
  • Be prepared to work to a max in any given lift
  • Handstand push-ups and muscle ups will be programmed in a time domain fashion where their presence in a workout will not inhibit an athlete from completing a workout, simply will affect the score of that athlete/team