2014 Cowboys and Angels WODS

Registration/Check-in – 7am – 8am

Athlete Brief – 8am – 8:30am

WOD 1 – 8:30am – 10:30am

WOD 2 – 8:30am – 1:30pm

WOD 3 – 10:45am – 12:45pm

WOD 4 – 1:45pm – 4:15pm

Final – 4:30pm – 4:45pm

Podium – 4:45pm – 5:00pm

WOD 1 – Blazing Saddles Relay

For Time:

Run x 1mile

Ground to Overhead x 30 (95/135)

Row x 1000m

Wall Ball x 75 (14/20-10’)

A different member of your team will perform each element of the relay.  On the call of 3,2,1,GO, athlete 1 will run 1mile.  When athlete 1 returns, he/she will tag athlete 2, who will be standing by a barbell.  Athlete 2 will then perform 30 ground to overhead with their barbell.  Once 30 reps have been completed and the barbell is secure on the ground, athlete 2 will tag athlete 3, who will be standing behind their rower.  Athlete 3 will then row 1000m.  Once athlete 3 has completed their 1000m row, they will run and tag athlete 4, who will be standing behind their wall ball.  Athlete 4 will then perform 75 Wall Ball shots.  Once the 75th Wall Ball shot has hit the target, time will be called.  There is a 20min time cap.


1 Mile Run-No false start and pass all checkpoints. 

Ground to Overhead-You may not touch the barbell until your teammate has tagged you.  The barbell may be taken from the ground to a locked out overhead position any way you see fit.  Each rep must start with both plates touching the ground and end overhead with elbows, knees, and hips fully extended.  The barbell must be under control before you leave to tag your next teammate. 

1000m Row-You must start standing behind your rower.  You must wait until your teammate has tagged you to get on your rower.  You may adjust your straps and damper before the workout begins. You may not touch your monitor.  Your monitor will turn on once you begin rowing and will count up to 1000m.  You may not exit the rower or rack the handle until the monitor reads 1000m.  Once 1000m are reached you must rack the handle and then proceeded to tag your final teammate. 

Wall Ball-You must start standing behind your wall ball.  You must wait until your teammate has tagged you to pick up your wall ball.  Your hip crease must go below the top of your thigh in the bottom of the movement and the ball must touch the line at the top of the movement in order for the rep to count.  If you drop the ball, it must come to a complete stop on the ground before you begin your next rep (no catching it off the bounce).


 WOD 2 – The Quick and The Dead


WOD 3 – Hang ‘Em High

For Time:

Double Under x 50

Pullup x 25

KB Thruster x 20/30/40/50 (35/53)

On the call of 3,2,1,GO, athlete 1 will perform 50 Double Unders, 25 Pullups, and 20 KB Thrusters.  Once athlete 1 has completed 20 KB Thrusters they will return to the start and tag athlete 2.  Athlete 2 will perform 50 Double Unders, 25 Pullups, and 30 KB Thrusters.  This pattern will continue, adding 10 KB Thrusters each round, until athlete 4 has completed 50 KB Thrusters.  Once athlete 4 has completed the thrusters, returned to the start, and tagged a teammate, time will be called.  There is a 12min time cap.


Double Under– The rope must pass under the feet twice during one jump.

Pullup-The athlete must start from a fully extended position at the bottom, and chin over the bar at the top, for the rep to count.

KB Thruster-The athlete must start each rep with the KB in rack position and the other hand securing it in place.  The hip crease must go below the top of the thigh in the bottom of the rep, and the KB must be locked out overhead with elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee fully extended at the top of the rep, for it to count.  The athlete may split up the reps any way that they choose.   If the KB is dropped it will be a 20-burpee penalty on the spot.  If the KB is dropped a 2nd time, your team will be disqualified from the competition.  Please do not drop our things.


WOD 4 – True Grit

For Time:


Tire Flip Jump Through x 30

Sled Drag

Weighted Step-up x 50 (20”)

Sled Drag


Tire Flip Jump Through x 15

Sled Drag

Weighted Step-up x 50 (18”)

Sled Drag

On the call of 3,2,1,GO, both male athletes will begin at the tire flip jump through station.  Once 30 tire flip jump throughs, total, have been completed, they will advance to the sled.  Male athlete 1 will then pull the sled to the weighted step-up station.  Both male athletes will then begin to complete 50 weighted step-ups, total.  Once the step-ups are completed Male athlete 2 will pull the sled back to its starting position.  Once the sled is back at its starting position, each male athlete must tag a female athlete before the females may begin work.  Once both females have been tagged, they may begin their 15 tire flip jump throughs, sled drags, and step-ups, the same way the males did.  Once female 2 has returned the sled to its starting position and all 4 teammates are on the finishing mat, time will be called.


Tire Flip Jump Through-One or both of the athletes may flip the tire at any given time.  Once the tire is flipped one of the athletes must jump into the center of the tire and back out of the opposite side.  Both feet must leave and land at the same time on both jumps for the rep to count.  If you miss a jump, you only have to repeat the jump, you do not have to repeat the tire flip.  As long as 30/15 flips and jump throughs are completed, you may split the work up as you choose.

Sled Drag-The athlete must be facing the sled at all times during the pull.  The athlete must also stay in his/her lane and finish in the designated area for the rep to count.

Weighted Step-Up-Each athlete will have a weight in each hand.  All four weights must be off the ground and supported only by the hands, for the rep to count.  The athlete must start standing with both weights off the ground, step up with both feet on the box, knees and hips extended for the rep to count.


Final – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly




Off Constantly – 9:20/10:48/11:45/15:12

South Aurora’s Sundance Kids – 8:55/9:48/11:30/15:00

SWOLEHOUSE – 9:45/8:36/11:45/15:24

Those Aren’t Pillows – 8:30/9:24/11:00/14:12

You Hook I’ll Clean – 9:20/11:00/11:45/15:36

Sandbaggers – 8:55/10:00/11:15/14:24

Snapbacks and Nanos – 9:45/8:48/11:15/14:36

Since 1969 – 8:30/9:36/10:45/13:48

Guys & Dolls – 8:55/10:12/11:15/14:48

Questionable Reps – 9:45/9:00/11:45/15:12

Snatch and Sniff – 9:20/11:12/12:00/15:36

Los Vaqueros y Angels – 8:55/10:24/11:30/14:48

Wyatt, Doc & the Soiled Doves – 8:30/12:00/10:45/14:00

2 Cleans and 2 Jerks – 9:20/11:24/12:00/15:24

Tight WODs – 8:30/12:12/11:00/13:48

Modig Grey – 9:20/11:36/12:00/15:48

Pistoleros – 9:45/9:12/12:00/15:48

The Dirty Sanchezeses – 8:30/12:24/10:45/14:00

Saloon Squatters – 9:45/12:48/11:30/15:00

Three Venti’s and A Tall – 9:20/11:48/11:15/14:24

Shake and Bake – 8:30/12:36/11:00/14:12

Driven Strong – 8:55/10:36/11:30/14:36


Wednesday May 7th – Heat Times Released at 5pm
Thursday May 8th – WODs Released at 5pm
Friday May 9th – Early Check-in at PFCF 3pm-7pm
Saturday May 10th – Check-in 7am-8am



Last chance to be a part of this great event! We have 2 spots left. Hope you all are ready for some great prizes as we have sponsors donating swag daily! We will be announcing the schedule for the next week on Monday!

***$400 CASH PRIZE***

That’s right partner!! All teams will be competing for a bounty of $400! We will be announcing our 2014 South West Competition Series Title Sponsors later this week with even more prizes to come for Cowboys and Angels so stay tuned!

Movement/Weight List

  • Deadlift                    225/155
  • Back Squat               185/125
  • Front Squat               135/95
  • Overhead Squat        95/65
  • Clean                       135/95
  • Jerk                         115/75
  • Snatch                      95/65
  • SDHP                        95/65
  • Thruster                   95/65
  • Ball Slams                35/25
  • Kettlebell                 53/35
  • Wall Ball                   20/14
  • Box Jumps               24/20 inch
  • Pullups                    Chin Over
  • Burpees                   Yes
  • Rowing                    Yes
  • Runing                     Yes
  • Double Unders         Yes
  • HSPU                       Yes
  • Rope Climbs            Yes
  • Odd Objects            Yes