News and Updates for the Lone Ranger

****WODs RELEASED!!****


Classic Chipper

For Time:

Snatch x 10

Pull-up x 20

Box Jump Over x 30

Wall Ball x 40

Box Jump Over x 30

Pull-up x 20

Snatch x 10

On 3,2,1 GO, the athlete will perform 10 snatches.  Once 10 snatches have been completed and the bar is safely on the ground, the athlete will then move to the pull-up bar and perform 20 pull-ups.  Once 20 pull-ups have been completed the athlete will then move to their box and perform 30 box jump overs.  Once 30 box jump overs are completed the athlete will move to their wall ball and perform 40 wall ball shots.  Once 40 wall ball shots are completed the athlete will then work back down, completing the same reps of the same exercises in reverse order.  Once the last snatch is under control and locked out overhead, time will be called.

Prescribed Weights and Movements



Bull Rider-105/165, Steer Wrestler-75/115, Rusty Spur-65/105,

Mutton Buster-65/95



Bull Rider-Chest to Bar, Steer Wrestler/Rusty Spur/Mutton Buster-Chin Over


Box Jump Over

Bull Rider-24/30, Steer Wrestler/Rusty Spur/Mutton Buster-20/24


Wall Ball

Bull Rider-16/30, Steer Wrestler-14/20, Rusty Spur-12/20, Mutton Buster 10/16




Each rep must start with both plates touching the ground and end overhead with knees, hips and elbows fully extended.

This can be any type of snatch; power, squat, or split.  As long as you end with your feet together and are fully locked out.

The bar must make one continuous motion from ground to lockout overhead.

If the bar touches any part of the body above the hip on the way up, it is a no-rep.


Bull Rider

You must start in a hanging position with arms fully locked out.

Your chest must make contact with the bar at the top of the movement, below your collarbone.

Any grip is permitted.

Steer Wrestler/Rusty Spur/Mutton Buster

You must start in a hanging position with arms fully locked out.

Your chin must go over the bar at the top of the movement.

Any grip is permitted.

Box Jump Over

You may get over the box any way you choose.

Both feet must make contact with the top of the box at the same time.

Your hands may not touch the box at any time.

You may not use the corner of the box.

Stepping up is permitted in all divisions.

Wall Ball

At the start of each rep your hip crease must pass below the top of the thigh and the ball must make contact with the target for the rep to count.

If you drop the ball it must come to a complete stop on the ground before you can begin your next rep.


Sled Sprint

For Time:

Sled Push x 10m

Farmers Walk x 10m

Sled Push x 10m

Farmers Walk x 20m

Sled Push x 10m

Farmers Walk x 30m

Sled Push x 10m

Farmers Walk x 40m

On 3,2,1 GO, the athlete will push the sled 10m.  Once the front of the sled has passed the weighted buckets, they will pick up the weighted buckets and carry them back past the starting line.  They will then return to the sled and push it another 10m.  Once the front of the sled has passed the second set of weighted buckets, they will pick them up and carry them back past the starting line.  This pattern continues until the sled has been pushed the final 10m and the athlete returns to the starting line with the last two weighted buckets.  Once the buckets and the athlete are across the line time will be called.

Prescribed Weights

Bull Rider 230/270

Steer Wrestler 180/230

Rusty Spur 140/180

Mutton Buster 90/140




You must be facing the sled at all times.

The front of the sled must pass the weighted buckets in order to advance to the carry.

Farmers Carry

You may only use your hands to carry the buckets.

You must set the buckets down completely past the line in order to advance.

If you carelessly drop the buckets you must do 10 burpees on the spot, each time you drop them.  We understand you will be moving fast, but please respect our equipment and set them down in a controlled manner.


Double Ladder

For Reps and Time

Thruster and L-Sit Ladder

On 3,2,1 GO, the athlete will advance to the first station and have 1 minute to complete 5 thrusters.  Once 5 thrusters have been completed and the minute has expired, the athlete will move to station 2 and complete a 5 second L-Sit.  Once the athlete has completed the 5 second L-Sit and time has expired, the athlete will move to station 3 and perform 5 thrusters at a higher weight.  Once the 5 thrusters have been completed and time has expired, the athlete will move to station 4 and complete a 10 second L-Sit.  This pattern will continue until the athlete can not perform 5 thrusters at the prescribed weight or the required L-Sit time, within the minute.

Thruster Weights and L-Sit Times

All Divisions





L-Sit in Seconds




You may squat clean the first rep.

Your hip crease must go below the top of the thigh at the bottom of the rep and the bar must end overhead with knees hips and elbows fully extended.

It must be one continuous motion from the bottom to top.  Any stop in the middle will result in a no rep.

Once the knees and hips are extended there can be no re-dip.

Jerking the weight is not permitted.

Once the bar has reached the rack position, it may not go any lower until the set is completed.

You may not rest the bar on your back.

You may rest between reps as long as the bar stays in the rack position.


Bull Rider

The heels of the feet must remain off the ground.

The soles of the feet must remain perpendicular to the ground.

Any contact with the ground or the parallette will terminate the set.  This includes your thighs and hips.

You have as many attempts within 1 minute to complete the prescribed time, but the prescribed time must be unbroken.

Steer Wrestler/Rusty Spur/Mutton Buster

The soles of the feet must remain parallel to and off of the ground.

Any contact with the ground or the parallette will terminate the set.  This includes your thighs and hips.

You have as many attempts within 1 minute to complete the prescribed time, but the prescribed time must be unbroken.


“The Missing Piece”




The Lone Ranger Heat Times 2014



BR01 Pamela Marschner CF South Aurora 11:10a /    9:35a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR02 Caroline Chartrand 719 11:10a /    9:40a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR03 Dana Leenheer Pandora’s Box 11:10a /    9:45a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR04 Trina Ruhland Verve 11:30a /    9:50a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR05 Lindsey Mertens 719 11:30a /    9:35a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR06 Jessica Gianardi CF Caliente 11:30a /    9:40a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR07 Abigail Kassulke 719 11:50a /    9:45a / 1:23p / 2:55p
BR08 Kristina Bray Pikes Peak CF 11:50a /    9:50a / 1:23p / 2:45p
BR09 Dustin Hein 719 11:10a /    9:55a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR10 Andrew McDonald 719 11:10a / 10:00a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR11 Matt Rodgers Pikes Peak CF 11:10a / 10:15a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR12 Shawn Kelly 719 11:10a / 10:10a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR13 Daniel Martins PFCF 11:30a / 10:25a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR14 Matt Johnson Nocoast CF 11:30a /    9:55a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR15 Daniel Considine PFCF 11:30a / 10:15a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR16 alex esqueda CF Rocky 11:30a / 10:20a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR17 Chris Thomas Pikes Peak CF 11:50a / 10:05a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR18 Collis Spann PFCF 11:50a / 10:20a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR19 Jonathan Moffitt Mile High CF 11:50a / 10:00a / 1:31p / 3:05p
BR20 Justin Anderson Pando CF 11:50a / 10:25a / 1:31p / 2:55p
BR21 Aleksander Stefanov Flatirons CF 11:50a / 10:10a / 1:31p / 3:05p



SW01 Mandy Fernholz 719 9:30a  / 8:05a / 12:45p / 1:45p
SW02 Karen Mutcher 719 9:30a  / 8:00a / 12:45p / 1:55p
SW03 Christianne Norman 719 9:30a  / 8:10a / 12:45p / 2:05p
SW04 dAWN oLIVER 719 9:30a  / 8:15a / 12:45p / 1:55p
SW05 April Willie PFCF 9:50a  / 8:05a / 12:45p / 1:45p
SW06 Angie Jorde PFCF 9:50a  / 8:00a / 12:45p / 2:05p
SW07 Vanessa Jansen CF SoCo 9:50a  / 8:10a / 12:45p / 1:45p
SW08 Natalie Mitchell CSCF 9:50a  / 8:15a / 12:45p / 1:55p
SW09 Marilee Lake 719 10:10a / 8:20a / 12:45p   / 2:05p
SW10 Kristin Sanders Backcountry CF 10:10a / 8:25a / 12:45p   / 2:05p
SW11 Staci Meredith Mile High CF 10:10a / 9:00a / 12:45p   / 1:45p
SW12 Adrienn Loughmiller PFCF 10:10a / 9:05a / 12:45p   / 1:55p
SW13 Stefanie Metcalf 719 10:30a / 9:00a / 12:45p   / 2:05p
SW14 Brittany Williams Osprey CF 10:30a / 9:05a / 12:45p   / 1:45p
SW15 Tori Messenich CF Unbroken 10:30a / 8:20a / 12:45p   / 1:55p
SW16 Annie Brunner Alpine CF 10:30a / 8:25a / 12:45p   / 1:55p
SW17 Megan Markee CF Unbroken 10:50a / 9:10a / 12:45p   / 1:45p
SW18 Deanna Minor PFCF 10:50a / 9:10a / 12:45p   / 2:05p
SW19 Tiffany Brunton Driven Strong CF 10:50a / 9:15a / 12:45p   / 1:55p
SW20 Katie Miller Park MeadowsCF 10:50a / 9:20a / 12:45p   / 2:05p
SW21 AshleyAnn Mroczkowski CF Crazed 10:50a / 9:15a / 12:45p   / 1:45p
SW22 Hector Tapia Black Box Fitness 9:30a  / 8:30a / 1:06p /  2:15p
SW23 Mark Travis Black Box Fitness 9:30a  / 8:35a / 1:06p /  2:25p
SW24 JOSUE OLIVER 719 9:30a  / 8:45a / 1:06p /  2:35p
SW25 Sean Heuertz 719 9:50a  / 8:30a / 1:06p /  2:25p
SW26 Brendan Netherton unaffiliated 9:50a  / 8:35a / 1:06p /  2:15p
SW27 Remick Loudon 719 9:50a  / 8:40a / 1:06p /  2:25p
SW28 Lance Morgan 719 9:50a  / 8:50a / 1:06p /  2:25p
SW29 Benjamin Locke Cutthroat CF 10:10a / 8:40a / 1:06p   / 2:35p
SW30 Joseph Levine CF Endemic 10:10a / 8:55a / 1:06p   / 2:35p
SW31 Kelian Cheze Pikes Peak CF 10:10a / 9:25a / 1:06p   / 2:35p
SW32 alec hall CF Unbroken 10:10a / 9:30a / 1:06p   / 2:15p
SW33 Isaac Tafoya Easton Training 10:30a / 8:45a / 1:06p   / 2:25p
SW34 David Snyder CF Cherry Creek 10:30a / 8:50a / 1:06p   / 2:35p
SW35 Shean Kirin Park MeadowsCF 10:30a / 9:20a / 1:06p   / 2:15p
SW36 Michael Guskey Crossfit ETD 10:30a / 9:25a / 1:06p   / 2:25p
SW37 Stephen Jackson Pikes Peak CF 10:50a / 8:55a / 1:06p   / 2:25p
SW38 Nathan Morris CF Unbroken 10:50a / 9:30a / 1:06p   / 2:35p


Mutten Buster (Novice) Division

MB01 Crystal McCasland 719 7:50a / 10:30a / 1:44p / 12:55p
MB02 Autumn Lee Backcountry CF 7:50a / 10:35a / 1:44p   / 1:05p
MB03 Chelsea Novotny CF Unbroken 7:50a / 10:40a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB04 Loren Weiner CF Cherry Creek 7:50a / 10:45a / 1:44p   / 1:05p
MB05 Alexis Dabrowski CSCF 8:10a / 10:30a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB06 Rachel Dalrymple 719 8:10a / 10:35a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB07 Samie Wingfield 719 8:10a / 10:40a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB08 Cortney Grant Backcountry CF 8:10a / 10:45a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB09 Jamie Cohen PFCF 8:30a / 10:50a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB10 Brittany Strachan Ruya CF 8:30a / 10:55a / 1:44p   / 1:05p
MB11 Lauren Johnson CF Cherry Creek 8:30a / 11:00a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB12 Allison LaVoie Osprey CF 8:30a / 11:00a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB13 Hannah Markow Pando CF 8:30a / 11:05a / 1:44p   / 1:05p
MB14 Stacy Read Pando CF 8:30a / 11:10a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB15 Theresa Callaghan Ruya CF 8:30a / 11:05a / 1:44p   / 12:55p
MB16 Amy Foreman Backcountry CF 8:30a / 11:10a / 1:44p   / 1:05p
MB17 Leslie Gentile CF Cherry Creek 8:50a / 11:15a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB18 Jacquelyn Jones PFCF 8:50a / 10:55a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB19 Autumn Lowry CF Crazed 8:50a / 10:50a / 1:44p   / 12:45p
MB20 Douglas Wolfe PFCF 7:50a / 11:30a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB21 Jason Martin Backcountry CF 7:50a / 11:35a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB22 Corey Williams 24Hr Broadmoor 7:50a / 11:40a / 2:03p   / 1:25p
MB23 Matthew Rispoli Ruya CF 7:50a / 11:45a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB24 Chuan Khor Flatirons CF 8:10a / 11:30a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB25 Shawn Keehn PFCF 8:10a / 11:35a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB26 Alex Romero FFS 8:10a / 11:45a / 2:03p   / 1:25p
MB27 michael bartczak CF Omnia 8:10a / 11:40a / 2:03p   / 1:15p
MB28 Justin Recla CF South Aurora 8:50a / 11:50a / 2:03p   / 1:15p



RS01 Teresa Gessner CF Unbroken 9:10a / 11:20a / 2:12p / 1:25p
RS02 Sherry Fushimi CF Unbroken 9:10a / 11:25a / 2:12p   / 1:25p
RS03 Susan hirst CSCF 9:10a / 11:20a / 2:12p   / 1:25p
RS04 julie mitchell Flatirons CF 9:10a / 11:25a / 2:12p   / 1:25p
RS05 Theo Dehoyos Unaffiliated 8:50a / 11:15a / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS06 Rob Hellem Unaffiliated 8:50a / 11:55a / 2:16p   / 2:15p***
RS07 Eric Brashears PFCF 8:50a / 12:00p / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS08 James Royce BackCountry CF 8:50a / 12:05p / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS09 Chris Hoey PFCF 9:10a / 11:50a / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS10 Doug Wolanske CF Unbroken 9:30a / 10;05a / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS11 Kevin Williams FRCF 9:10a / 11:55a / 2:16p   / 1:35p
RS12 Rob Small Park MeadowsCF 9:10a / 12:00p / 2:16p   / 2:15p***
RS13 Jason Harper CF Crazed 9:10a / 12:05p / 2:16p   / 1:35p


*** We are aware these heats times overlap…you will understand once we released WODs


7:00A – 7:30A                   REGISTRATION (EARLY CHECK-IN ON FRIDAY FROM 3PM-7PM)

7:30A – 7:35A                    NATIONAL ANTHEM

7:35A – 7:50A                    ATHLETE BRIEF

7:50A – 12:10P                  EVENT 1

8:00A – 12:10P                 EVENT 2

12:10A – 12:30P               BREAK

12:30P – 12:45P               ATHLETE BRIEF

12:45P – 3:03P                 EVENT 3

12:45P – 3:15P                  EVENT 4

3:15P – 4:35P                    FINAL

4:35P – 5:00P                  AWARDS

Schedule of Release Dates

June 23rd – Registration Closes at 5pm

June 24th – General Info Released (Parking, Tent City, Etc.)

June 25th – Heat Times Released at 5pm

June 26th – WODs Released at 5pm


Exercise Mutton Buster(Level-1) Steer Wrestler(Level-2) Bull Rider(Level-3) Rusty Spurs(Masters)
Deadlift 185/125 225/155 315/205 205/145
Back Squat 165/105 185/125 225/155 175/115
Front Squat 135/85 165/105 205/125 155/95
Power Clean 135/85 165/105 205/125 155/95
Squat Clean 135/85 165/105 205/125 155/95
Jerk 95/65 135/95 205/125 115/75
Overhead Squat 95/65 115/75 165/105 105/65
Power Snatch 95/65 115/75 165/105 105/65
Squat Snatch 95/65 115/75 165/105 105/65
Thruster 95/65 115/75 165/105 105/65
SDHP 95/65 115/75 135/95 95/65
Ball Slam 30/20 40/30 50/40 30/20
KB Snatch 44/26 53/35 70/44 44/26
KB Swing 44/26 53/35 70/44 53/35
Pullups Chin Over Chin Over C2B Chin Over
Jumps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall Ball 16/12 20/14 30/16 20/12
Burpees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toes to Bar No Yes Yes No
Pushups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lunges Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dips No Yes Yes No
Odd Objects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Double Under No Yes Yes No
Rowing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Running Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tires Yes Yes Yes Yes
Muscle Ups No No Yes No
HSPU No No Yes No

Determining exactly where to draw a line between novice (Mutton Buster), Rx (Steer Wrestler) and Pro (Bull Rider) is a tricky task at best, but we have come up with a line nonetheless. Remember, these are not absolutes, just guidelines. If you match up with a majority of any of these choose that category.

This competition is designed for athletes who are new to competitions as well as those who are tenured pros. The goal is to promote a friendly, yet competitive environment for those who wish to challenge themselves. Expect weights and movements that are challenging in all divisions.


This division is reserved for those who have just recently started doing CrossFit and want to get into a competition but don’t feel comfortable jumping into an Rx only comp. When registering for this competition please understand this division will be the only division with additional scaling.

  • Less than 6 months experience
  • Less than 5 unassisted pull ups
  • Deadlift is less than 2x bodyweight
  • Mile run is over 9 minutes
  • Only does single unders
  • Uses scaled weights for most workouts
  • 3 out of 6 MUST apply to enter this division 


This is our Rx division and is for most of you who have been doing CrossFit for a little while. We want for the people who register for this division to be able to do most of their daily WODs as Rx.

  • Over 6 months experience
  • More than 5 unassisted pull ups
  • Deadlift is more than 2x bodyweight
  • Mile run is under 9 minutes
  • Can do double unders
  • Uses RX weights for most workouts 


This division is reserved for the firebreathers. Enter this division if you have mastered most CrossFit movements and continue to work on being more efficient. Expect Regional and Games style skills and weights. We will only open up 20 spots for this division.

  • 3:00 min Fran
  • 500/300+ lb deadlift
  • 3:00 min Grace
  • 275/185 C+J
  • 20+ rounds of Cindy
  • 7 min 2k row 


This division is reserved for the real deal heros. Enter this division if you are over 40 and want to set the standard for all these yearlings to strive for. Whether you are a tenured pro or just trying to stay young we will make sure you have a blast!