Affiliate Team Name EVENT1/EVENT2/EVENT3/EVENT4
P1 CrossFit Golden Renegade Crew 10:00a/12:00p/12:30p/3:00p
P2 Progressive Fitness CrossFit Team MD 10:00a/12:00p/12:30p/3:00p
P3 Crossfit 719 S’n’L 10:00a/12:00p/12:30p/3:00p
P4 Crossfit South Aurora Crossfit South Aurora 10:00a/12:00p/12:30p/3:00p
P5 CrossFit 719 #1/2snapbacksandnanos 10:00a/12:00p/12:30p/3:00p
P6 Flatirons Crossfit Barbells and Badasses 10:15a/12:15p/12:45p/3:15p
P7 Alpine Crossfit Thruster?  I hardly know her! 10:15a/12:15p/12:45p/3:15p
P8 PFCF Never WODs 10:15a/12:15p/12:45p/3:15p
P9 Mile High CrossFit Team BroSis 10:15a/12:15p/12:45p/3:15p
P10 CrossFit 719 New Kidz in the Box 10:15a/12:15p/12:45p/3:15p
O1 Crossfit Modig Modig Grey 8:00a/10:00a/10:30a/1:00p
O2 CROSSFIT CONTINUUM CONTINUUM TEAM 1 8:00a/10:00a/10:30a/1:00p
O3 Pando Crossfit snatch that pando 8:00a/10:00a/10:30a/1:00p
O4 Pando CrossFit Oreo Madness 8:00a/10:00a/10:30a/1:00p
O5 Pando Crossfit Little Red and the Wolf 8:00a/10:00a/10:30a/1:00p
O6 Pando CrossFit The Lady and The Tramp 8:15a/10:15a/10:45a/1:15p
O7 Flatirons CrossFit Gimpey and Grandpa 8:15a/10:15a/10:45a/1:15p
O8 Crossfit Modig Hops & Barley 8:15a/10:15a/10:45a/1:15p
O9 Crossfit Modig Cardio: Is that Spanish? 8:15a/10:15a/10:45a/1:15p
O10 Greenwood Village / Alpine Blue Barracudas 8:15a/10:15a/10:45a/1:15p
O11 Park Meadows CrossFit dysfunctional duo 8:30a/10:30a/11:00a/1:30p
O12 Trailhead Crossift Bonnie & Clyde 8:30a/10:30a/11:00a/1:30p
O13 Alpine & West Metro Salt N Pepper 8:30a/10:30a/11:00a/1:30p
O14 Progressive Fitness Crossfit WubBAR 8:30a/10:30a/11:00a/1:30p
O15 Crossfit 719 Bearded Snatch 8:30a/10:30a/11:00a/1:30p
O16 CrossFit SoCo FIG JAM 8:45a/10:45a/11:15a/1:45p
O17 NA Jerk N Snatch 8:45a/10:45a/11:15a/1:45p
O18 CrossFit Pandora’s Box Most Wanted 8:45a/10:45a/11:15a/1:45p
O19 Crossfit 719 Muscles&Mascara 8:45a/10:45a/11:15a/1:45p
O20 CrossFit Pandora’s Box We though they said   “Slurpees” 8:45a/10:45a/11:15a/1:45p
O21 CrossFit 719 Swoller Bears 9:00a/11:00a/11:30a/2:00p
O22 Trailhead Crossfit Golden Meerkats 9:00a/11:00a/11:30a/2:00p
O23 Progressive Fitness Crossfit Nordic Chili Peppers 9:00a/11:00a/11:30a/2:00p
O24 Progressive Fitness Crossfit Smokin Gunz 9:00a/11:00a/11:30a/2:00p
O25 PFCF Dick and Jane 9:00a/11:00a/11:30a/2:00p
O26 Crossfit 719 The Mutchers 9:15a/11:15a/11:45a/2:15p
O27 Park Meadows Crossfit Team SOGO 9:15a/11:15a/11:45a/2:15p
O28 CrossFit Decimate PR’s And Peanut Butter 9:15a/11:15a/11:45a/2:15p
O29 Crossfit 719 #ThickThighsSaveLives 9:15a/11:15a/11:45a/2:15p
O30 Park Meadows CrossFit GunsOutSunsOut 9:15a/11:15a/11:45a/2:15p
O31 FFS WODever 9:30a/11:30a/12:00p/2:30p
O32 Progressive Fitness CrossFit Guns and Buns 9:30a/11:30a/12:00p/2:30p
O33 PFCF Hungary and Ivory 9:30a/11:30a/12:00p/2:30p
O34 Crossfit Junction Doing it Dragon style 9:30a/11:30a/12:00p/2:30p
O35 CrossFit 719 TBD 9:30a/11:30a/12:00p/2:30p
O36 Glory Bound Crossfit Holy Cross Shit 9:45a/11:45a/12:15p/2:45p
O37 Ffs crossfit Steel city duo 9:45a/11:45a/12:15p/2:45p
O38 Crossfit Golden Snookies 9:45a/11:45a/12:15p/2:45p