7:00A – 7:30A                 Registration (Early Check-In on Friday from 3pm – 7pm)

7:30A – 7:35A                  National Anthem

7:35A – 7:55A                  Athlete Brief

8:00A – 11:10A                Event 1

8:15A – 11:25A                 Event 2

11:25A – 11:35A               Break (Reshuffle)

11:35A – 11:55A               Athlete Brief

12:00P – 2:30P                Event 3

2:30P – 2:45P                  Break (Reshuffle)

2:45P – 5:15P                   Event 4

5:15P – 5:30                     Awards

2015 “Witches & Warlocks” Scoring

We have adopted the traditional rank based scoring system used in the open. This system uses your rank in any event as a score (example: 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, etc.)

All events are scored equally making the lowest score ideal. This will include all events. In the event of a tie, precedence will go to the highest place achieved (example: Team Red and Team Blue are tied after all events but Team Red had a 1st place finish in an event…Team Red would win due to their highest placement)